Thanks to all our Tent Members Who
Marched in the Ellenville
July 4th Parade!

Our Caravan Heads Down Canal Street

Don't Mess With Stan, Our Sgt.-at-Arms!

Steve Krulick Forgot His Kazoo But Still Keeps in Step!

Vice-Sheik Joe Bev plays to the Crowd and they Love Him!

Don and JoAnn Schlepped All the Way from Jersey to March With Us!

Linda and Ed Dubin Ride Along with the Gags!

Howard Garrett, Man of Many Hats, Is All Fezzed Up!

The Grand Sheik Looks Like He Has a "Billy Gilbert" Coming On!

Jim Gebhard and Joe Bev Discuss The Route

Lorie Kellogg, Our Honolulu Baby!

Sylvia Russo Really Bowlered Them Over!

Hey Linda, Ed and Rokki, The Film is BEHIND You!

Joanne is All Piped, But Dianne Seems a Bit Pooped!

It was a Beautiful Day and a Grand March for One and All!